Extremely Babywearing

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Here is something very amusing to share. I laughed so hard that my gums are numb and my zits pop by themselves. I found a comment by Puan Drama Mama written especially about me.

My first reaction upon reading the first line on the comment was to search my entire collections of memories inside my brain, outside my brain and along my intestines;  HAVE I EVER STOLEN HER BOYFRIEND? OR KILLED HER CAT?Well I honestly have never stolen anybody’s boyfriend or killed any animal at all. Period. Oh Ok! Ok! The kitty with the hairdryer was an accident okay? Now will you just forget about it already?

Then why is this woman so freaking mad at me? She reeks personal vandetta from every pores.

So outraged she is, she needs to call me kampong BY THE WAY I LOOK!  Wow, I never knew button noses can be kampong? I thought they are just well, JAWA. Anyway, I really cannot argue on the accusation because I am indeed kampong and VERY PROUD OF IT. But the absolutely hilarious irony about it is the fact that I am from a very kampong little town in Bayan Lepas and she is, ladies and gentlemen…. Not from Hartamas, not from Bangsar, not Mont Kiara, not even Minden Heights but……

SUNGAI ARA, PENANG. That is exactly, like Botswana calling Uganda kampung and Kalimantan Tengah calling Timor Timur kampung.

Hahahahha! Hahahahaha!

I laughed so hard tears flowed down my kampong cheeks, trickled down my kampong chin and wet the kampung t-shirt I was wearing. I bought that T-shirt from QueensBay Mall, Penang. I am sure Puan Drama Mama shops there too. Hahahah! Hahaha!

I have not felt my funny bones tickled this way for so long. This is so damn funny. So I continue to read the comment and well! well! well! Looks like people have mistaken me for Rihanna again. ( Go ahead and vomit blood , haha!) Dude! Never in my life have I ever own an LV bag! Hahahha… I AM NOT A BAGWHORE okay? Whatever I wrote about bags in this blog is intentional sarcasm. haha!

So I laugh again so hard this time not only my zits pop on their own, my bushy eyebrows also shed down on by themselves. Hahahaha! This is so funny. What does my bag got to do with anything?

But as I move on the next para I feel scared. So scared, I was trembling, my teeth rattle, my knees bang against each other making gong-like noise so loud it reminds me of the sound of lightning and thunder. Thunder that will be sent by God to strike me dead as requested by Puan Drama Mama as a punishment to me, the BAD BAD MOTHER. THE TERRIBLE MOM THAT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN BABYWEARING TODDLER. See here.

I have an opinion and because of an opinion I have sinned and Puan Drama Mama thinks that God must punish an opinionated mother.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mentality of a Babywearing Extremist Mother :-

babywearing nazi

When I showed Azman the comment he was so sentapz! Hahaha! Not because of the ridiculous name-calling-bag-judging behavior of Puan Drama Mama but how could Puan Drama Mama left him OUT in the comment?

Tak aci taww! She covered my looks, my origin, my bag, she also included my little boy. Ya ampunnz… Kenapa tak komen laki aku sekali? Ini tidak adil!  Apek jiran sebelah rumah aku tak komen ke? Merajuk dia nanti…! hhahaha

Calling another child buas or extremely naughty takes a lot of guts to do. Most parents are usually afraid to diss other children due to the mysterious existence of karma. Bukan kurma ye? Karma. Heheheheh!

I think Puan Drama Mama and some other mothers are uneasy with the fact that my opinion on babywearing toddler differs than theirs. I have been accused of condemning babywearing moms etc. Not that I care about what people think the same way they should not care about an insignificant kampong mom like me thinks, lonely in the blogosphere not belonging to any community or forum.

But when a babywearing mom starts to write hateful personal comment with so much shallow remarks like this, mengumpating me in blogs and forums, it not only reflects her true mentality but make her even worse than me, the bad bad mother in the first place.

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146 Responses

  1. Diyana says:

    Momma, i overlooked your comment, hehehe..
    ya ampunz ko ni Kak Senduk ke nyah?? Kenapa ko bersenduk2 di sinnew?? kalau betul Momma ni Kak Senduk, mak sujuds kegiranganz Kak Senduk sudi mencemar duli kat blog mak.. wakakakakaka…
    Tak sangka mak, nyah… dalam kefonenan terserlah gittew voley jugak ko tulis serious note ye?? klasss!!
    Den, maafin mak nyah! komen yg relevan saja dapat hadiah mysteri. Mengertih???

  2. Momma says:


    Bukan Senduk nyah, SUDIP



  3. diyana org kampung yg keji…ada dua tiga komen aku dia delete. keji betul la diyana ni. moga tuhan membalas

  4. Asroll says:

    103 comments already? Topik ni dah menjadi fenomena nampaknya.

  5. shananana says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa banyak nya kumen

    ehem. tak baik tau panggil org kampung masuk bandar u ols..

    kecik hati mak nyahs diyanaz.. mak pun kecik hati juger coz mak dr

    teluk kumbiaq.. tapi mak tetap jesika elba.. cemane tu?? don jaj pipel bai dier

    homtawn… its doesnt matter where you are from or where you are, it’s

    whether you are hot, or not.. tengok mak sudey lerrrr!!! hahahahhaha

    i boring u ols.. lalalala diyana.. belanje henbeg LV satu..

  6. D … cepat2 post new entry. aku tak mo sentapz2 lagi. fenats u ols. wakakaka

  7. zalin says:

    hi diyana! raggedyanne promoted ur blog to me yonks ago and i have been popping in here every now and then to get my dose of humor. can i just say that you are just so so funny! i love reading your entries tau..
    and cimiki is such an adorable kid.
    nobody has the right to say bad things about kids, no matter how ‘buas’ they might be.
    perhaps this drama mama wants to replace you as the new drama queen kot.
    maklumlah…you kan ‘retired drama queen’, so perhaps dia nak ganti you la. kes gila glamer la ni rasanya.

  8. hawa says:

    Wah.. betol-la phenomenal!! the comments are like chicken pox!! dah banyak dah. Mine will be the 108th. The most I’ve seen in any of your posts! Way to go Diyana!! hahaha.. ‘Owh, now I understand your shout kat Facebook. Buat gile je I dok comment kat shoutout FB you..

    Anyway, serious ke makcik DramaMama tue?? It was not in a forum or even community, you were just expressing it in your blog. Sukahatila kan?? =) Abaikan je her bitchiness, prolly had nothing better to do. So much time at hand is it?? hahahahhahahha.. serious I gelak guling2 baca.. tak tipu! Serious makcik tu takde kerja lain, gie masakla kat dapur… And kesian tau, diyana belum dapat bag LV lagi!! selamba je accusing her! En Azman, bile lagi??

  9. anon says:

    wow so many comments! DO NOT MESS WITH OUR FAVORITE BLOGGER… now all her followers are dissing you back, biatch! hahahaha

  10. azman says:

    diyana tu orang kampung.
    orang kampung takleh pakai beg LV.
    orang bandar je layak.

  11. hawa says:

    alaaaa diyana…. No you have no chance!!!
    En Azman will always use that phrase til eternity! =)

  12. Diyana says:

    Shanana, kalau jesika alba tapi molot macam longkang camana?
    Bani komen ko dikategorikan sebagai spam. harap maaf.
    Asroll, korang ni semua mmg keji taw! walaupun masa besday aku takde pon nak komen kata selamat hari lahir ke-21… bila aku dikritik pandai pulak datang back up. Korang memang best! High 5!!

  13. Diyana says:

    superfluous_babe, mak nak tunggu 24 jam takde komen baru mak karang entry baru noks! hehehehe
    zalin, ya ampuns! kelasss si raggedyanne mempromosi blog mak kat ko nyah! thanks a lot zalin for dropping by now and then and thanks for commenting today. great to know there are people out there are reading. my drama queen title is self proclaimed ala2 syok sendiri gittew.. sapa nak jadi drama queen jugak jadilah! hehehe.. tapi mengata orang tetap tak baik uolls! have a nice day zalin 🙂
    anon, thanks for following this blog hehehe…

  14. Diyana says:

    Hawa, yo yo-or ko mengemon seratus komen kat FB! hahahahahah..
    Seriously babe, I am not into designer bags or shoes. I have nothing againts these bags and of course I can buy them if I want but I honestly, rather use the money to travel or buat kenduri jeruk sg ara bagi kawan2 makan. dapat jugak pahala. hehehe. and if you use bags as a yardstick for one’s personality, you are dead shallow woman!!! hehehe…

  15. mama emma says:

    ala…………… i ttinggal ketapi.. isk.. mencik tul…

    jenuh nak khatam ur previous entry…

    tpkan, lawak giler aaa komen2 nie semua… nak perah susu pun dok teringat2.. haha

  16. mama emma says:

    eh cop2… kat entry mana kejadian tembak menembak ini blaku??? entry u kat thn bila???

    btw, hang dok mana? nnt raya kita gather2 nak? cheq balik bworth la ini thn.. huhu…

  17. Diyana says:

    Sorry ye cik puan, saya tidak menembak sesiapa. apa kelas tembak2 org semata2 kerana cara mendukung anak ni?! entry I tuh tahun 2008, tetiba bulan May 2009 these extremists meroyan pulak. hahahaha
    Hang orang penang jugak ka Emma ooi?? awat tak habaq awai2?? sat ni kami nak beraya rumah hampa ok?heheheh

  18. ina.. says:

    wah wah..diyana..dah lebih 100 la..ko memang drama queen la..eh silap..retired ok..heheheeee…

  19. mama emma says:

    tu dia… entry thn 2008, thn 2009 leh kluaq balik ka??? awat la leh jadi lagu tuuuuuu….xpa la.. dia nak kasi upkan blog u nie…

    mak cheq org bworth, pak cheq org bukit mtajam… tp la nie dok kat kota kemuning.. nak wat mcm mana.. rezeki kat sini….

  20. hawa says:

    Wow!!! a whopping 120 comments…!! Diyana rocks!! tu tak campur spam by your friend bani.. =)

  21. chuain says:

    go diyana go!

  22. chuain says:

    tak pernah2 nk komen tapi nak komen jugak…selama ni duk baca je blog ni, rasa terpanggil nak komen…jangan biarkan komen macam tu bunuh career you sebagai penulis this blog tau diyana! you go girl!

  23. chuain says:

    harap komen tu tak bunuh career you sebagai penulis blog ni…

  24. Dee says:

    Hi D! I’m Dee too! 🙂

    my comment – i think, u r just stating ur opinion.. no one has to agree to it.. same goes with those who wear their baby/toddler.. its a matter of preference.. lain org lain style.. who r we to judge which tecniques makes one a better parent? coz i do agree with some of your points..

    it goes out of hand bile drama mama started the name calling.. org kampung la, anak buas la.. it does touch a nerve, right? i know my telinga would berasap la jugak if i kena mcm tuh..

    but i guess dieorg terasa gak kot when u same kan indirectly babywearing like playing a koala stuck on tree etc.. some may just ignore it.. some yg a bit wee sensitive/hormonal/extremist tu amik hati kot.. so terjadi lah ini bende..

    to me senang je.. masing2 buat wat masing2 thinks is the best for their own kids.. i wear my now 10 month old baby.. till bile? i dunno.. tgk keadaan la kot.. not 24/7 definitely! btw not taking sides here.. just stating my opinion.. 🙂 patutnye, u jgn dok layan drama mama tuh.. ini indirectly pun mcm an entry dedicated to her.. but hey.. its ur blog! 🙂

    hv a nice weekend! love reading ur blog. kekadang bule tergelak sorang2! heheh.. and oooh.. sorry for the lengthy comment.. peace!

  25. Rahsie says:

    diyana oi diyana..
    udah le melayan komen2 tu
    ako datang nak membaca posting..
    mane posting baru tak kua2 lagi ni..
    oi diyana oi da beberapa ari ako bukak tadek pon………….

  26. Diyana says:

    Chuain, terima kasih la bebanyak sebab follow blog ni kalau since miki berendoi maksudnya dah setahun lebih… 🙂 jangan risau saya tak amik pot criticism dari orang yang tidak significant macam ni… saya blog pasal ni pun sebab lawak ya rabbi Botswana panggil Uganda kampung… saya n kawan2 gelak guling2 siot.. ehehehehe… rajin2 la komen it’s great to know that there are people out there reading.. thanks chuain.. 😉
    Hi Dee, thanks for visiting my blog, there is one common rule in the blogosphere – IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T READ IT. :p
    memang this entry is dedicated to her, after all she is my predecessor kan?.. ehehhehee hahahahahahah…

  27. Diyana says:

    rahsie, dalam reramai pembaca blog ni aku rasa ko lah yg paling annoying sekali… tahniah. anda mendapat hadiah beg LV.

  28. atiza says:

    Laaaa..baru la ni aku tau apa maknanya ‘babywear’ ketahapakebendatah tuh..Orang hulu betul aku gamaknya..Hulu Kelang..

    Pompuan tu tengah ‘terang bulan’ kot masa hang komen dalam blog dia tuh..tak pun nak menopause (sp?) kot..Tu yang dia hangat semacam jer..huhu

  29. Mel says:

    kurang ajar punya betina…meh sini aku cabai2kan dia!!

    Its a BLOG…people say things that others may not agree…if she decided to disagree with your post…then leavelah her opinions in this BLOG..iits not like she will be pancung by your end whatt??!

    And i thought blogging are for ADVANCED, CERDIK AKAL people…i have never, encountered in my life people NGUMPAT others by blogging!

    BASTARD case…by the way ni bukan ngumpat ya..i berang sesangat!! how dare she???!!

    Bani…this is the only time i wish the container hempap orang!!

    D, can i deliver my smackdown on that Kiah janda? at times my action DO speaks louder than my words

    Bani..meh tag team dengan aku!

  30. KD says:

    hahahah apa2 pun aku sgt heart akan komen shanu, class gituh!!!

    such a sad thing org2 camni. takpaham aku. tak kusangka aku kenai dramamama tu. ingatkan species senyap tapi mak ai, mulut longkang… penang tu kecik. pi mai pi mai tangtu..

    moga tuhan sajalah yg membalas aku kerana kenai dia muahahahahah

  31. Diyana says:

    Atiza, thanks for visiting my blog. ya ampun ulu nyeehhh Hulu Kelang langsung tak babywear kah disana? tp mmg “hangat” la kalau terlalu extreme babywear sgt.. hehe
    Mel, hahahahaa… ganas giler wei you comment ni!! tapi mmg you are indeed right. Blogs are meant for yg cerdik akal!! 🙂 thanks babe! muaah muahh untuk cimaya..
    KD, komen shanu mmg tepat dan betul, hehehe… penang tuh mmg kecik dan aku kenal hang hang kenal aku… nak ngutuk orang sila anonymous… hehehe

  32. Lia says:

    hoi..aku pun org teluq qumbaq jugak…hangen betoiii la aku kat drama mama ni….

  33. yasmin says:

    Mak ooi jumlah komen mcm kat blog chedet.com..punya la byk!!!
    Ape-ape pun, aku agree ngan post hang yang previous pasal bbwear itu…

    Tapi kira dasat jugak..post hang memberi impak pada dunia bbwear di malaysia n..di mana mereka sungguh kisah tentang pendapat hangi…tahniah!!!:)

  34. diyanazman.com's fan says:

    i’m not related to diyana, azman and even miki or ORANG KAMPUNG diyana ni .. i’m not even try to impress or bodek her .. i’m just a reader who love to read blog. and i found that her blog xde la annoy other readers ape bagai .. she just blogging about herself, her hubby and her life and her precious baby. i’m as an outsider xrase ape2 pun bila baca so if sesape yg baca her writting (xkesah mane2 post/blog pun) and rase annoying ke .. itu maksudnye .. OI MAKCIK.. AWAT LA HANG NI KENATT SANGAT .. HANG BUAT GHEJA HANG CUKUP LA .. HANG TAK SUKA HANG DOK SENGAP2 DAH LA .. YANG HANG NAK KOMEN APA BAGAI NI SEIPA .. erm .. ok cool .. tp xpe .. apepun pun kan .. OII MAKCIK DRAMA MAMA IF YOU READ THIS, TUHAN JE BOLEH BALAS PERANGAI ORANG MCM YOU NI .. (mcm penah ku nampak, tp di mana ya .. ohh .. lupa td i baca komen you MAKCIK!) sekian, keep it up di.
    p/s: nak amik kau 134 post kutuk kau makcik .. lain kali jgn kutuk nak jatuhkan org kat blog .. amik kau ..
    pp/s: aku bukan org kampung diyana tp aku negeri sama dgn dia .. so don’t mess with my org senegeri!

  35. diyanazman.com's fan says:

    offtopic: ohh .. apebila di post .. makan space rupanya .. ngee.. 😛

  36. shananana says:


  37. shananana says:


  38. Lia says:

    hihihi..sib baik shanu habaq..walaupong ketinggalan aku tetap mahu merempit..marilah kita bersalam-salaman di hari raya…

    wei shanu hang ingat hang kuat ka nak wrestling…

  39. ili says:

    tu la org malaysia ni,indon datang sini marah2, tapi ape indon tu buat smua nak ikut..tapi aku rasa babywaer tu kiut la gak, hehe tapi aku tak reti and takmau pakai buat masa ni..
    btul ke ape aku komen ni??eh ape pun mamadrama tu bagus gak dicabai mulutnye..takde anak kot, tu pasal suke ngomen anak org..ke nama anak dia drama?? ah ntahla…
    ape pun di, luv u, miss u..nama je duk dkat, nak jumpa punya la payah..hehhe

  40. Mel says:

    Shananana..kena training betui2 beb…takut kita dok training angkat berat…si Bani pulak…semput mintak nyawa…
    Sian makcik yang mengepost pendapat dia tu…apara ngong sangat makcik tu..
    kalau orang tak boleh beri pendapat..baik bisu…tapi orang bisu pun kalau marah…knows how to show the FINGER!!!

    Entah2…dia nyebut Louis Vuitton pun tak reti..gerenti sebut LOOOUU ISS VOOOO EEETT TTTONNN..hahaha..

  41. Diyana says:

    Lia, hahaha.. takyah la angin, derama mama tu saja je nak marah sebab aku betul.
    Yasmin, hang tolongla pi nasihat sikit kat kawan2 hang ni… kata kat depa apa yg si diyana tuh duk cakap tak payah la nak kisah sangat… bukan dia boleh influence sesiapa pun.. hehe
    Fan, thanks for your comment yg berapi itu yeah we know you are not membodek or anything sebab kalau ko bodek pun buang karan je sebab aku takleh nak belanja ko cendol ke abc ke apa sebab aku tak kenal pun ko sapa… apa2 pun Penang rocks! thanks babe!
    Ili, aku tergelak besar dengan ayat pembukaan ko pasal Indon mai Malaysia tu.. hahahaha.. jom dating kat 101 jom?
    Mel, hahahaa… let’s just forget about her and recall her back only when we need something to laugh at.. hahaha

  42. anasfadilah says:

    weii aku kawen dengan orang sg ara bayan lepas weii..apa niii! duk sg ara lagi

    kampung ke bandar ke sama aje la sebenarnya

    dua-dua tempat ada rempit…muahaaha!

    chill 🙂

  43. Diyana says:

    anasfadilah, hahaha lawak la hang ni… tu la aku dah habaq, uganda ka zimbabwe ka sama saja, dua2 ada pemburu bercawat dan bersumpit… toksah duk kata kat orang aihh.. haha

  44. cookie says:

    wow.. (terkejut kejap).. how can this even be an issue that even started a forum?

    wow again.. everyone is entitled to their opinion.. so i dont see why its wrong for diyana to say that she does not like baby wearing.. its not like shes condemning a brand.. she’s just not attracted to the idea of babywearing.. for the owner of the brand to actually comment as such is just shocking..

    but regardless, diyana your responses rock! 😉

  45. Diyana says:

    Hehehe.. they find my perspective very intimidating I guess. hahaha…
    Just to share something really funny; when derama mama asked zorra for my link in zorra’s comment box, zorra answered
    “by giving this link will only mengglemerkan her (diyana)…”

    and her blog has 1000 hits.

    hahahahha… after i wrote this entry, zorra’s hits has gone up to 1500 in a few days only. hahahahha…I’d say they mengumpat for cheap publicity. hahahahahahahaa….

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